About us

Adria Cargo Koper d.o.o. is a modern and boutique international logistics company with a tradition of organizing sea, land and air transport as well as all accompanying necessary customs procedure and documentation, using highly qualified staff. We are a general Agency and freight forwarding specialists on the territory of Port of Koper and its hinterland Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Bavaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia and Italy. We have been directly involved in establishing completely new shipping routes in and to the North Adriatic for the last 20 years for numerous well established shipping lines such as Maersk line, MSC, P&O Nedloyd, COSCO, HMM, UFS, UDASCO, BLASCO, Sloman Neptune, Jadroplov and many more. We have also worked with numerous multinational companies that trust their bulk cargo, general cargo, liquid cargo and containers to our company for more than 20 years.

Our competitive advantages are our well-established co-operation with the Port of Koper Authorities, several Slovenian rail transport operators as well as trucking companies. We follow our rules of being a flexible and reliable logistic company catering to the requirements of the modern shipping environment. We count to our accomplishments to have a well-developed information system with clear guidelines in all possible situations in order to support our business of handling the complete logistics solution from shipper to consignee. No matter the size of the shipment, we will tailor each logistic solution with high delicateness to specific business, according to your needs and offer you only the best quality service.

We are confident that our innovative and dynamic way of thinking and highly qualified staff is capable of facing any challenge as well as finding solution to our mutual satisfaction. We are your partner.

Date of entry into the register of companies 11.02.1991
Registration number 5600014000
Ident. no. for VAT and tax number SI 20269846
Insert number 10180400
Company ADRIA CARGO, pomorska agencija, špedicija in trgovina, Koper d.o.o.
Short company name ADRIA CARGO Koper d.o.o.
Address Koper, Pristaniška ulica 8, 6000 Koper - Capodistria
Legal form Limited liability company d.o.o.
Director ​​ Janez Lenarčič
Ownership 100% private

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